On October 7, 2014 I grew the third largest bismuth crystal I have ever grown, see it here  Crystals of the Week 

The Guess The Weight contest is back. Have a guess and win the crystal.

Deep inner pinks surrounded by other pastel colors. A large freestanding crystal. Check out more crystals I grew here  Crystals of the Week 
$145.00, 3 1/8" X 2 3/4" X 2 5/8", ref# s22-206.


Growing bismuth crystals is my speciality. No middle man prices.

A lovely product tag is not included with each crystal purchased.

Jeannie has 5 new lantern cage sets now available!!! Check them out in  Jeannies Jewelry .

With great pride Jeannie would like to introduce MJ's Jewelry. Check out her unique and exciting earrings and rings in  MJs Jewelry .

Here's a beautiful example of Jeannie work that is for sale.


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For more information or questions, send me, Ken, an e-mail. Or check out my crystals that are listed on Ebay. Look for Ebay user kskt4.


I grow all my own bismuth crystals out of 99.99% pure bismuth. This has been a hobby of mine for well over 17 years now. Each one is grown in its own pot. The growing time is about 1 hour.

Ever drink Pepto-Bismol? Well if you have, then you've swallowed some bismuth. Don't be afraid. Pharmaceutical applications are one of the main uses of bismuth. Bismuth is the 83rd element on the periodic table of elements. It sits just to the right of lead. Which means it is a bit heavier then lead. Because it is non-toxic, bismuth is now being substituted for lead in shot gun shells. No more contaminating our ponds with lead. Bismuth also has a low melting point which is why it is used in overhead sprinkler systems. Watch a magnet float in mid air. A very interesting science experiment for kids. How does bismuth work with this? Bismuth is one of the most diamagnetic elements on earth. What does that mean? That means it repels north and south. Bismuth disks and rare earth magnets make great magnetic levitation devices. I will have disks and magnets, along with instructions on how I built my own device, available shortly. So you see, it is all around you and you probably didn't even know that. The mystical properties of Bismuth are supposed to be twofold...1) to ease the ache of loneliness and isolation 2) to help in the transition between planes (physical to spiritual or astral) \par Bismuth is also mentioned in the ancient Qabalah, although credit for discovery of this element is given to an unknown 15th century alchemist.People that seek this stone out for mystic reasons are focusing on the astral travel aspect. It's supposed to be like a tiny mystical booster rocket to another plane. A client of mine uses all kinds of stones and bismuth crystals when she makes jewelery. Her name is Helena of Ariel's Joys and Gems. She can be reached at

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Here's another!!! If anyone knows of a supply of bismuth let me know. I will most certainly be generous if it is a favorable supply. The 87th crystal in my Guess the Weight Contest. With colors of pinks, yellows, golds and blues and dimensions of 7/8" by 5/8" by 1/2". Tell all your friends and family to give it a guess. Do you know how much bismuth weighs? What it's used for? You will be surprised. Bidding starts today, October 7, 2014 and ends on December 7, 2014. Make your guesses in grams to one decimal place. Like 10.1 or 14.7. Winner is the earliest correct guess. Or if no one guesses correctly , then it will be the closest , earliest guess after time has expired. Only 1 guess per person. You not only get the crystal, but I will ship it to you free of charge. I will post the winners name after it is over. Thanks to all my private clients that have purchased my exquiste crystals, and to all the people that have visited my site to view my specimens.

To make a guess on the crystal, send me, Ken, an e-mail.

Samantha from Lewis center Ohio is the winner of the 84rd. Congratulations Samantha.

Bastien Follain from France is the winner of the 83rd. Congratulations Bastien.

Beth Morrissette from Lithopolis Ohio is the winner of the 82nd. Congratulations Beth.

Matt Haz is the winner of the 81st crystal. Congratulations Matt.

Dirk Gillabel from Woodstock, New York is the winner of the 78th. Congratulations Dirk.

Dennis Woods from Cantonment, Florida is the winner of the 77th. Congratulations Dennis.

Dan Matosich from Weatherford, Texas is the winner of the 76th. Congratulations Dan.

Michael Costa from Wolverine Lake, Michigan is the winner of the 74th. Congratulations Michael.

Chris Yang from Berkley, CA is the winner of the 72nd crystal. Congratulations Chris.

Joe Schiele from Fargo, North Dakota is the winner of the 71st crystal. Congratulations Joe.

Robert Sewell from Seffner, Florida is the winner of the 70th crystal. Congratulations Robert.

Marc Rayman from La Canada, California is the winner of the 69th crystal. Congratulations Marc.

Alex Barber from Sandy, Utah is the winner of the 68th crystal. Congratulations Alex.

Alvin Davenport from Sandy, Utah is the winner of the 67th crystal. Congratulations Alvin.

Jacob Glauninger from Valencia, California is the winner of the 65th crystal. Congratulations Jacob.

Kamilah Carter from Crawford Bay, British Columbia is the winner of the 64th crystal. Congratulations Kamilah.

Kelly Taylor from Superior, Wisconsin is the winner of the 63rd crystal. Congratulations Kelly.

Barb Poitras from Vernon, British Columbia is the winner of the 62nd crystal. Congratulations Barb.

Cindy Posa from Forster, Australia is the winner of the 61st crystal. Congratulations Cindy.

Shane Posa from Forster, Australia is the winner of the 60th crystal. Congratulations Shane.

Chris Hamilton from Jonesville, MI is the winner of the 59th crystal. Congratulations Chris.

Renee Withers from Gonzales, LA is the winner of the 58th crystal. Congratulations Renee.

Denis Prescott from Surrey, British Columbia is the winner of the 57th crystal. Congratulations Dan.

Dan Dutchin from Winnipeg, Manitoba is the winner of the 56th crystal. Congratulations Dan.

Pierre Krahn from Winnipeg, Manitoba is the winner of the 55th crystal. Congratulations Pierre.

Roy Oswald from Mount Ida, AR is the winner of the 54th crystal. Congratulations Roy.

John Leone from Santa Ana, California is the winner of the 53rd crystal. Congratulations John.

Once again Fabrice Gaudat from France is the winner of the 52nd crystal. Congratulations Fabrice.

Fabrice Gaudat from France is the winner of the 51st crystal. Congratulations Fabrice.

Ken Drabik is once again the winner. He won the 50th crystal. Congratulations Ken.

Timothy Mangan from Sterling Ill. is the winner of the 49th crystal. Congratulations Timothy.

Earl Gose from River Forest Il. is the winner of the 48th crystal. Congratulations Earl.

Ken Drabik is the winner of the 47th crystal. Congratulations Ken.

Piotr Migdal from Poland is the winner of the 46th crystal. Congratulations Piotr.

Maggy Rond from the Netherlands is the winner of the 45th crystal. Congratulations Maggy.

Scott Palamar from Malibu California is the winner of the 44th crystal. Congratulations Scott.

Tyler Stewart from Melbourne, Australia is the winner of the 43rd crystal. Congratulations Tyler.

Arturo Granata from Houston, Texas is the winner of the 42nd crystal. Congratulations Arturo.

Diane from Australia is the winner of the 41st crystal. Congratulations Diane.

Gina Langan from Mercer, Missouri is the winner of the 40th crystal. Congratulations Gina.

Elizabeth Lipkos is the winner of the 39th crystal. Congratulations Elizabeth.

Alexander Blair is the winner of the 38th crystal. Congratulations Alexander.

Jason Bradley from Sierra Vista, Arizona ,is the winner of the 37nd crystal. Congratulations Jason.

Xiaozhe Shi is the winner of the 36th crystal. Congratulations Xiaoshe.

Mariusz Pociask from Poland is the winner of the 35rd crystal. Congratulations Mariusz.

Bobbie Bradley from Sierra Vista , Arizona is the winner of the 34rd crystal. Congratulations Bobbie.

Ben Roesch from Oradell, New Jersey ,is the winner of the 33rd crystal. Congratulations Ben.

Jason Bradley from Sierra Vista, Arizona ,is the winner of the 32nd crystal. Congratulations Jason.

Sarah Bizzarro from Monroe Township, New Jersey ,is the winner of the 31st crystal. Congratulations Sarah.

Jeff Wiencek from Medford, Oregon ,is the winner of the 30th crystal. Congratulations Jeff.

Tim Sterling from Sterling, Illinois,is the winner of the 29th crystal. Congratulations Tim.

Eric Yip from Federal Way, Washington is the winner of the 28th crystal. Congratulations Eric.

Bobbie Bradley from Sierra Vista, Arizona is the winner of the 27th crystal. Congratulations Bobbie.

Antonio Sanchez Puente from Spain is the winner of the 26th crystal. Congratulations Antonio.

Gary Lackie from the Anchorage, Alaska is the winner of the 25th crystal. Congratulations Gary.

Nitin Viswanathan from the New Jersey is the winner of the 24th crystal. Congratulations Nitin.

Annette Simmelink from the Netherlands is the winner of the 23rd crystal. Congratulations Annette.

The lucky winner for the 22nd crystal is Joe Risley from Sierra Vista, Arizona. Congratulations Joe.

The winner for the 21st crystal is Marie-Eve Beaulieu from Quebec, Canada. Congratulations Marie-Eve.

The winner for the 20th crystal is Wouter van Minderhout. Congratulations Wouter.

Guessing for the 19th crystal has ended. Van Le from Katy, Texas is the winner. Congratulations Van.

Guessing for the 18th crystal has ended early with a correct guess by Brandon Wilson from Gainesville, Florida. Congratulations Brandon.

Guessing for the 17th crystal has ended. Krista Wilson from Gainesville, Florida is the winner. Congratulations Krista.

Winner for the 16th crystal was Dragon from Monterey Park, California is the winner. Congratulations Dragon.

Guessing has ended early on the 15th crystal. Marloes Schurink from the Netherlands has guessed the correct weight. Congratulations Marloes.

Guessing for the 14th crystal has ended. The winner is Louis Britton from North Canton, Ohio. Congratulations Louis.

Guessing for the 13th crystal has ended. The winner is Marloes Schurink from the Netherlands. Congratulations Marloes.

Guessing for the twelfth crystal has ended. The winner is Daniel Zadovsky from the Czech Republic. Congratulations Daniel.

Guessing for the eleventh crystal has ended. The winner is Danny Gillsepie from Van Buren, MO. Congratulations Danny.

Guessing for the tenth crystal has ended. The winner is Don Eastman. Congratulations Don.

Guessing for the ninth crystal has ended. The winner again is Mihai Gheorghe from Newmarket Ontario. Congratulations Mihai.

Guessing for the eighth crystal has ended. The winner is Mihai Gheorghe from Newmarket Ontario. Congratulations Mihai.

Guessing for the seventh crystal has ended. The winner is Anthony P. Rizzo. Check out his auctions, under his user name arizzo, on Ebay for bismuth. Congratulations Anthony.

Guessing for the sixth crystal has ended. The winner is Jackson K. Congratulations Jackson.

Winner of the fifth crystal was Amy K from Claypool In. Check out Amys site for some really neat glass work. Congratulations Amy.

Winner of the forth crystal was Jan, from Oak Ridge. Check out Jans site for a nice selection of crystals. Congratulations Jan.

Winner of the third crystal was Alex. Congratulations.

Winner of the second crystal was Judy from Austin Texas. Congratulations.

Winner of the first crystal was Martin, from New Zealand. Congratulations.

Check out Jules site for a great selection of rocks and crystals from Africa.

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Do you have someone that has a Birthday or a day to remember coming up. If so, I will grow them a crystal on that day. Not only one crystal, but a minimum of three. Then you get to choose which one you want for that Special someone. Just send me, Ken, an e-mail to inquire.

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Simply scroll down to view packages. I do not give description cards with package crystals.

15 lovely crystals that could be used for jewelry or a collection. The colors are pastels and blues and purples. Price is $24.00 US. To purchase these crystals, send me, Ken, an e-mail, and I will send you a total including shipping and handling. Please refer to Ref# n12-p. SOLD

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Crystal purchasing and payment options.

All dollars are in US dollars. I accept paypal, credit card payments and cash in American dollars. Paypal or credit card payments are prefered because they speed the process up and you recieve your crystal alot sooner. I try to update my website as much as possible but sometimes it takes a few days to get to it. If you know which crystal, or crystals you would like to purchase then send me Ken, an e-mail, and I will let you know if they are still available and the total including shipping. I combine shipping to guarantee you the lowset price possible. Once you recieve the total then click on the Buy Now button below to make your payment by Paypal or credit card.

If you have any questions, send me Ken, an e-mail,

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Ted Crosfield. Wood Art.

A local man, Ted Crosfield, has been turning wood for almost 30 years and has become a Master Woodturner. I have visited his shop and watched this artist while he creates his one-of-a-kind pieces, which he sells online and at many galleries.

Check out Ted's site for unique turned wood pieces.

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Snow Cottage Carvings.

Dave Francis is a well established local woodcarver that handcrafts all his unique pieces. With a Christmas theme, you can find that special item for your loved ones. He sells his carvings to clients all over the world and at select outlets including the Spirit of Christmas store is Banff Alberta.

Check out Dave's website for his carvings.

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Here you will see what my customers have to say about my crystals. All feedback is appreciated.


I received crystals a few days ago, and I am very impressed with your work and devotion to this art. Your good tastes are also reflected in the pricing and organization of the crystals on your website. I can only hope that you will continue to grow quality bismuth crystals. There are few other places in the world that specialize in selling these exotic specimens. And fewer still with a trust-worthy and friendly merchant. thank you for your work, Ken.


-Chris Chiang"


I just wanted to let you know that the bismuth hopper crystal arrived today and all is well. In fact, the crystal is much cooler than I thought it would be! I'm now convinced that I've found the perfect gift for my hard-to-buy-for grandfather! Thanks again.

Thanks again,

Ryan Winland

Hi Ken,

The crystals arrived yesterday - I'm very pleased with them, thank you very much. The larger one was meant as a gift for a friend but I'm not so sure I want to give it up :) The rainbowy effect when light plays on the surface is quite pretty - may I suggest some sort of rotating-on-a-turntable animation on your site to show it off? It's hard to appreciate until you hold one :)

Thanks again,

Adam Beal

Hi Ken,

The crystals arrived A-OK, and I can't describe what a thrill it was to actually hold them in my hands. I have to keep going to look at them, they are just so perfect. I actually bought two to keep and one to give to my dad for his birthday, and now I am faced with the difficult decision of which one to let go! I also really appreciate the piece of raw bismuth you added. I was quite surprised to find that it is a pretty element in it's own right. It really adds to the experience of the crystals, to be able to show the amazing transformation. Many thanks again, and I will keep checking on your website.


Got both Crystals Ken :o)

They are GREAT, and they make such an interesting sound when you pick them up... so metallic... and HEAVY... WAY TOO COOL...

Thanks again !

Jeff Acheson

Hello, Ken.

Your box arrived this morning, beautifully packed, with the crystals intact and as lovely as I had anticipated. It is strange to hold something so obviously crystalline which has the weight of a lump of metal - which of course is what it is. I almost wish this was Ebay so I could leave you positive feedback. I cannot praise too highly your willingness to discuss things with me, your advice on how to look after the crystals, the prompt despatch, and of course the quality of what you've sent me. If I ever come across anyone else who I think might want a bismuth crystal, I'll certainly send them your way.

Thank you again. Stephen.

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Hey. It's your money. You keep it.

When you buy from me you can be assured that you won't pay too much for shipping. I go directly to the Post Office website and determine exactly how much it will cost for shipping. That's all you pay.

Here is an example of what I will do for you.

Say you buy a 55 gram bismuth crystal. But you like another one. It weighs 90 grams. Then there is a 20 gram one that would make a great pendant. I would be able to combine all 3 of those crystals together for 1 low rate. Hey, it's your hard earned money. You should keep most of it.

Do you know how much you can save by combining shipping? You will be surprised!!

Shipping to the U.S.A., and Overseas, is much cheaper than you think. Canada Post has a small package rate that goes by weight. So you could probably get a few crystals for 1 low shipping rate. If you would like to find out how much to ship to you, send me, Ken, an e-mail, and I will send you some shipping rates...

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